Jen Gottlieb

Episode 218 - April 16, 2019


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Sometimes the goal or the dream we're meant to chase ends up being different than the one we started with.


Just ask Jen Gottlieb. She felt the desire to pursue acting and performing and experienced many wonderful opportunities to exercise that desire. But after each experience, there was something inside her that made her feel like this wasn't quite where she needed to be.  As she continued to jump from opportunity to opportunity, she got to know herself better until she ended up where she is today: running Unfair Advantage LIVE alongside the love of her life (and previous guest of the show), Chris Winfield.


Are you being real about letting your goals change as you change?


If you've been pursuing a goal or a dream that you don't feel 100% aligned with and don't know what to do, tune in to Episode 218 of Are You Being Real! Jen gets real about what it took for her to have the courage to make the changes and ultimately look back and connect the dots to understand how every setback and change ultimately led her to her life's work.


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Show Notes:

-How Jen's goals and dreams continued to evolve with each passing opportunity.

-What someone can do to create an unfair advantage in their life.

-Using 'a secret' to enhance your presence and make others want to lean in.

-The importance of connection.

-Jen's preferred connection strategy that anyone can apply.


Things to Check Out:
Unfair Advantage LIVE

Episode Quotes

“When you are not in alignment, the Universe will come in, kick you in the ass, and give you a reason to get back into alignment.”


“In order for anything to happen, I need to open myself up to others.”


“We forgot that what may not be cool to us may be really cool and inspiring to other people.”


“My life changed when I focused on connection.”


“The more you connect to other people, the more you connect to who you are.”


“When in doubt, help someone else.”