Mark Shapiro & Jen Stone

Episode 222 - May 13, 2019


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We all want to be acknowledged, appreciated, and loved. And one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling ways that manifests in our lives is through our romantic relationships. And while it's not always easy to create and hold on to these kinds of relationships, there definitely are things we can do and ways we can carry ourselves that greatly improve our chances to be seen and loved for who we truly are.


In Episode 222, Mark brings on his special guest, Jen Stone.  A few months after he released Episode 190 (his tell-all about his love life), Mark connected with Jen and today, they're both sharing their most important tips to attracting authentic love. So if you'd like to hear how they met, what they saw in each other, and what you can personally do to improve your chances at attracting the love and appreciation you want, check out this Episode!




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Show Notes:

-Why Mark decided to open up about his love life back in Episode 190.

-How he felt socially and personally after releasing that episode.

-Different ways that Mark continued to try to find his partner until he found Jen.

-How Jen reevaluated her career and relationship at 31.

-Different challenges Jen experienced as she put herself out there.

-What her first interactions with Mark were like when she came across him on a dating app.

-The similarities that Mark and Jen saw in each other.

-Mark and Jen's Top 5 Tips For Finding Love



Things to check out:
Episode 190 - "Am I Being Real About My Love Life?"

Episode Quotes

“When we aren’t true to ourselves, we disconnect from our feelings, and disconnect from each other.” -Mark Shapiro


“When I have the courage to be vulnerable, it allows for me and for other people to connect." -Mark Shapiro


“The criteria I was looking for in a partner was the criteria I needed to start to work on for myself.” -Jen Stone


“It’s about meeting the person, not how you get there.” -Jen Stone


“Be clear with what you want, but also remain open.” -Mark Shapiro


“The person you’re going to end up being with will love you for you.” -Jen Stone