Jess Lively

Episode 89 - November 1, 2016


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Jess Lively sold her belongings and is traveling around the world guided by her intuition. As the host of the podcast The Lively Show, she helps people transform their lives with joy, peace, and presence. Jess believes that we should make all of our decisions based on intuition. Join us for a conversation about internal alignment, why egos and thoughts get in our way, and how you can tap into your inner voice.


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Show Notes:

-Why Jess sold all her belongings and took off around the world

-How she creates home while traveling

-How to think about depth in the present moment

-What pulls you out of alignment? ...and how to get back in

-The two sides of self: Ego and Intuition

-How intuition plays into relationships

-How selfishness relates to intuition

-How ego serves us

-Thoughts… how we use them and how they use us

-Where to start: What are your core values?


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Question of The Week:

Are you listening to what your intuition is telling you? 

Episode Quotes

“Meditation gives us the awareness to break thought, ask deeper questions, and receive the answers within.”


"We are not our thoughts."


“You’re right where you need to be. The answers will come. You’re doing a great job.”


“Intuition is peaceful and positive and loving all the time.”


“Stop trying so hard. Find the flow, the intuition, and then do what it says to do.”


“I don’t have a relationship to define me, or a home to define me, or a place to define me… The constant newness of it is showing me how much broader and deeper I can be.”