JJ Virgin

Episode 220 - April 30, 2019


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Depending on the day or season of life, some of us treat our bodies and minds like a temple and some of us like an amusement park on the last day of Spring Break. However you choose to live, there's no denying that we only get one life to live. How we treat our bodies, our minds, and other people will greatly influence what we can accomplish in this life.


For prominent tv personality, JJ Virgin, it's not enough to just simply take care of your physical body. To get to where she is, it requires some authenticity and vulnerability in sharing the real you with the public. Once she opened up and shared her experiences, fears, and challenges as the mother of a son in a life-threatening situation, she discovered that it brought her closer to her audience than ever before and helped her feel free.


When we share who we are, we give everyone else permission to connect and share their own truths as well.


If you're ready to get real about your physical and emotional health, check out Episode 220! JJ and Mark deep into the importance of authenticity, how visiting a prison influenced her personal mission, how to figure out what foods you should be eating, and why making simple yet life-changing decisions one step at a time is the key to success.







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Show Notes:

-JJ's journey as a mother fighting for her son's life after he was left for dead.

-Why vulnerability and authenticity has been so important to JJ's growth with her audience.

-Personal breakthroughs she's experienced, including being able to forgive her adoptive and biological mothers.

-How visiting a maximum security prison changed her outlook on life.

-Actionable health tips and her take on what people need to get most real about with regards to their health.

-JJ's favorite foods!

-What she's most focused on right now with her own personal development.



Things to check out:
The One Thing by Gary Keller

Episode Quotes

“If I’m going to do something, I’m going to go all in.”


“Share everything about yourself.”


“You’re done with your health when you’re done with your life.”


“The way to get better at health is to do one thing at a time.”


“Having people around you who are healthier, fitter, more positive than you is the easiest way to get healthier, fitter, and more positive.”


“What if instead of leaving a legacy, we live a legacy?”