Judy Carter

Episode 168 - May 8, 2018

Judy Carter on The One & Only with Mark Shapiro


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Judy Carter has been making people laugh for over twenty years. As a bestselling author, speaker, and comedian, Judy shares stories of how she has turned her biggest messes into her biggest successes, and inspires others to do the same. Tune in to learn how to use comedy to gain power over your problems, find the extraordinary lessons in an ordinary day, and act authentically to effect change in those around you.


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Show Notes:

-How Judy quit comedy to become a comedian

-Why comedy gives you power over your problems

-How laughter helps to relieve stress

-How to turn a mess into success

-What The Message of You is all about

-Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

-How acting authentically can effect change in those around you


Links Mentioned:

-Get your copy of The Message of You



Episode Quotes

“All successes come from huge messes.”


“Sometimes you have to leave what you've always been doing to get what you've always wanted.”


“Learn to laugh at the stuff that stresses you out.”


“Unless I do things that scare me, I don’t feel alive.”


“Turn negativity into positivity.”


“Find extraordinary stories in an ordinary day.”


“Everyone feels different, weird, and inappropriate.”