Justin Brown

Episode 73 - July 12, 2016


Justin Brown is the cofounder of Ideapod, a social media platform that allows people to share & exchange ideas. Justin and I discuss the ideation process, the value of pursuing ideas, and how to transform them into reality.



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Show Notes:

-The best place(s) to come up with ideas

-How to fuel your creativity

-Creating a culture of openness

-How Justin is building Ideapod

-The ideas that are going viral on the Ideapod network

-What people don’t understand about life coaching

-Why people are scared of their own ideas

-Encouraging people without doing the steps for them

Links Mentioned:


-Nick Onken episode

-Dr. Rhea Mehta episode


Exercise of The Week:

Share an idea on Ideapod.

Episode Quotes

“The best ideas come you when you switch your mind off, the space between dreams and realities.”


“It’s a tragedy when people come up with ideas and feel fear to follow through.”


“The very nature of ideas pushes us outside of our comfort zone, because an idea is an act of creation that can transform your reality, and whatever pathway you are on is about to change.”


“People's authority for change rests within themselves.”


"There’s no such thing as a bad idea. There are plenty of ideas that can’t be implemented."


"That’s the whole point of us being a collaborative species where our ideas should be expressed. Because other people can run with them."


"Living outside the current understanding of what reality is is an important place for humans to be exploring."


"It’s all about expressing inspiration and creativity."