Karan Bajaj

Episode 60 - April 12, 2016


Karan Bajaj is a bestselling author and aspiring Yogi. His new book, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, is out May 2016, and he’s on the podcast to talk about living your life like a story. We discuss traveling the world with no plans, stripping out the noise of external influences and pressures, being the protagonist of your life, and staying true to who you are.


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Show Notes:

-Why you should live life like a story

-How to simplify your life

-Staying true to who you are

-Differentiating between truth and noise

-Karan’s 4-1 Rule for taking a year off

-The year he spent traveling the world with no plans

-How to go on a Hero’s Journey

-How he got a year’s sabbatical from a big corporate job

-Why you should read his new book

Question of The Week:

How is your life a story? What is the lofty unattainable goal you are striving for?


Exercise of the Week:

Plan an uncomfortable vacation.



-The Yoga of Max's Discontent


Extended Truth Challenge:


Episode Quotes

"Treat life like a big story."


"Transcendence is the complete dissolution of the individual self."


"Uncertainty leads to intuitive decision making."


"Don’t operate with any sense of lack."


"Everything exists within me, and I can cut out the noise completely."