Kevin Breel

Episode 133 - Sept 4, 2017


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Kevin Breel is a speaker, writer, comedian, and mental health activist. His TEDx talk, Confessions of a Depressed Comic, went viral in 2013 and launched him onto the national speaking scene. In today’s episode of the One & Only, Kevin opens up about how he transformed his greatest weakness into his greatest strength, the importance of being honest with ourselves, and how to make the game of life easier to win.


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Show Notes:

-How Kevin uses comedy to connect with other people

-The challenge of being present in today’s distraction filled world

-Why we lie to ourselves about our progress

-How to stop lying to yourself

-How to recognize fake vulnerability

-Relying on will power alone? …how to build accountability structures

-Making the game of life easier to win

-How a rock bottom moment helped Kevin turn his life around

-How to lean into your biggest challenges… and grow


Links Mentioned:

-Watch Kevin's TEDx talk

-Buy Kevin's book: Boy Meets Depression

-Visit Kevin's website

-Apply for Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with where you're at?

Episode Quotes

“Look at life from a child-like perspective.”


“We like to believe that we are more honest with ourselves than we are.”


“Let your greatest struggles, be your greatest teachers.”


“Fear can be an untapped energy source.”


“Humor and comedy can be a shield to keep you safe, or a bridge you can use to invite people in.”


“Move yourself an inch forward, intentionally, incrementally, every day.”


“I try to build trust and credibility with myself, not just with other people.”


“If you want to achieve something, if you want to have deeper and more meaningful relationships, if you want to build something in the world, a really good strategy is to know yourself.”