Kute Blackson

Episode 80 - August 30, 2016


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Kute Blackson is a coach, speaker, and author of You Are The One. He’s on the podcast today to talk about living a life that is in alignment with who you truly are, and finding and living your life purpose. Kute opens up about his childhood, his move to America, and what his book is really about. Listen in to find out how to open ourselves up rather than making goals based on the personas we think we embody.


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Show Notes:

-How our dreams choose us

-Why being “The One” is all about realizing the oneness in all of us

-Why he left London and moved to LA with a dream

-The amazing trips he leads in India and around the world

-What his new book You Are The One is all about

-When he started questioning his upbringing

-Why he followed his heart to America

-His vision for a TV show that didn’t work out, and how he persevered

-Why we set goals based on who we think we are

-How to uncondition ourselves

-Why we are here to evolve

-How to be happy by surrendering to life
Links Mentioned:

-You Are The One


Question of The Week:

What if today was the last day of your life?

Episode Quotes

“We are all divine art, being created.”


“Our dreams choose us.”


“Dreams are how life wants to manifest itself through us.”


“Authenticity takes ruthless courage.”


"I dissolve and something else comes through - and that is when I feel most alive."


"There is a deeper sense of I am the one - the same one that is breathing in me is breathing in you. It’s moving beyond that separate sense of self."


"I had a deep burning desire to serve humanity."


"I’m so glad that things didn’t happen how I wanted them to happen: Because the reality is that I wasn’t ready for them yet."


"An authentic life is simple, though not always easy."