Kyle Kesterson

Episode 181 - August 7, 2018


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Kyle Kesterson can easily be labeled as an adventurer, an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, a storyteller, and fearless.  However, he prefers to be "Unlabeled," as his Instagram shows.  If he had a mantra to guide his life by, it would be "I wonder where this road goes..."  He is wise, well-traveled, and a unique example of true fearless.  I had the privilege of meeting him on my recent trip to Israel and I absolutely had to have him on to share his wisdom with all of you.

In this episode, I sit down with Kyle in his van (aka "The Bromfmobile") and discuss his childhood, life as a founder and entrepreneur and how becoming self-aware of his own fear propelled him to a TEDx talk (among many other speaking engagements) and a radically awesome, fearless life.   This is a hefty episode full of many insights and realizations you'll not want to miss.


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Show Notes:

-Kyle's past and how he learned to lean into his fears.

-How sharing his past has allowed him to crush all his fears in the future.

-How vulnerability begets vulnerability.

-How to improve your relationships by "throwing out little seeds" of communication when you think of people.

-What his definition of authenticity is.

-Why there shouldn't be any guilt for not having goals, dreams, and ambitions.

-How a Google form sent Kyle on many unique adventures.

-What Kyle would love everyone to ask themselves.


Episode Quotes

"Vulnerability begets vulnerability."


“There is a fine line between being alone and being lonely.”


“When your world is really small, your problems get really big. When your world gets big, your problems get small.”


"Make your world big."