Laina Caltagirone

Episode 146 - Dec 5, 2017


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Laina Caltagirone is a manifestation expert and the founder of the spiritual wellness retreat Soulcation. Through her coaching, classes, and retreats, Laina teaches what she lives: how to manifest your dream life. In today’s conversation, we discuss why Laina left her career as an attorney to pursue self-development work, how to identify and tap into your unique talents and gifts, and 3 game-changing manifestation practices. This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom, as well as tangible exercises that you can try out today!


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Show Notes:

-How to finish 2017 on a strong note

-What is manifestation

-Why Laina left her career as an attorney for self-development work

-How Laina manifested her new career

-How to identify your unique talents and gifts

-The science behind manifestation

-What is the “act as if” technique

-How to access the right energy for manifestation

-Why it’s important to surrender

-How to be authentic on Instagram



Links Mentioned:

-Visit Laina's website

-Check out Soulcation

-Get your Organifi Green Juice



Question of The Week:

Are you following what lights you up?

Episode Quotes

“Share things that inspire you."


“Your thoughts create.”


“When you’re controlling, you’re in fear, and fear is not a match for the things that you want.”


“Gifts don’t have to look a certain way. Your gifts can be really simple.”


“Close the gap between your future self and yourself now.”