Lani Cooper

Episode 230 - July 9, 2019


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We're all chasing our vision for happiness, wellness, and success. And for most of us, getting to where we want to get to require a great commitment to making relatively simple changes and habits.  But for Lani Cooper, experiencing accidental brain damage from a game of rugby has made her pursuit for wellness and entrepreneurship anything but easy.


After a grueling recovery period of re-learning how to be human (use language, basic human functions, recovering memories, etc), she has become a successful stand-up comedian and entrepreneur through her company MOBOT (the first foam rolling water bottles available on the market).  She's a great example of the power of a positive spirit, hard work, and the ability for humanity to overcome life-changing trauma.


If you're curious to hear how exactly she overcame this trauma, the philosophy behind MOBOT and her foam rolling water bottles, how she manages her recovery and her business at the same time, and what she likes to joke about the most in her stand-up comedy routines, check out Episode 230 of People Being Real!






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Show Notes:

-Lani shares the experience that caused her brain damage and the process she went through to recover.

-What it was like living with this damage and how she related with her external world.

-Lani's definition of authenticity.

-Habits and processes she applied that helped her catch momentum in recovery.

-Why 'feeling good' is a fundamental human right.

-How she has educated her customers to realize they needed MOBOT.

-How she manages short term emotional needs vs long term health and wellness.

-Her favorite things to joke about as a comedian.


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Episode Quotes

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”


“Authenticity is something that comes from knowing who you are and what you can do.”


"Ask yourself 'am I on track or off track?'"


“Feeling Good Is a fundamental human right.”


“Healthy isn’t just how you look, it’s also how you feel.”


“Ask for what you want and question everything.”