Lauren Taus

Episode 145 - Nov 28, 2017


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Lauren Taus is a yoga instructor, a therapist, and an instagram influencer. In today’s episode, we take a deep dive into all of the stuff that we generally want to look away from — death, negativity, escape — Lauren shares her wisdom about how to bring self-expression and happiness into your life in the face of these challenges. Tune in for a conversation that will ask you to take a deep breath, listen to your heart, and feel the connection around you.


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Show Notes:

-How Lauren helps people feel connection in her yoga classes

-How being in service gets you out of your head

-What are your escape tendencies?

-Why a comfort zone is important… and how to step out of it

-Why Lauren left her hedge fund job for yoga & service

-How to monetize goodness

-3 ways to be happier in any given moment

-What true self-expression looks like

-How to celebrate your achievements

-Death… let’s talk about it


Links Mentioned:

-Sign up for Lauren's retreat in Tulum

-Start meditating with Insight Timer

-Get your Organifi Green Juice



Question of The Week:

Are you being real about your self-expression?

Episode Quotes

“The truth isn’t always pretty.”


“The mind has a negativity bias.”


“You need to have a comfort zone in order to step out of it.”


“Courage is fear in action.”


“Pause and celebrate your achievements.”


“Find ways to monetize goodness in the world.”


“I believe in a holographic universe, each part reflects the whole.”


“We have to befriend ourselves.”


“You don’t have to have anything to be able to give.”