Libby Crow

Episode 107 - March 7, 2017


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Libby Crow is an entrepreneur who is blazing the way by supporting other entrepreneurs to build their businesses online. Libby’s love for authentic connection and play is contagious — and she’ll stick her finger up your nose if things are getting too dull. Listen in as we get real about the importance of play, how to give yourself permission to feel your emotions, and why Libby loves the internet.


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Show Notes:

-The benefits of pausing to take a breath

-The earthquake that changed Libby's life

-How Libby learned to put herself first

-How to find your heart through flow

-How to give yourself permission to feel your emotions

-Why societal programming can help and hurt us

-Why Libby loves the internet

-How she learned to be vulnerable online and in life

-What is an honoring To-Do list

-How to learn to ask for what you need and want  


Links Mentioned:

-Visit Libby's website

-Sign up for Winning Weeks

-Take a journey


Question of The Week:

Are you being real when it comes to asking the people in your life what you really need from them? 

Episode Quotes

“I’m here on the planet to love, like big time.”


“Whatever feels scary to express is the thing that is asking you to express it.”


“It doesn’t mean I’m weak, or bad, or unsuccessful if I have a range of emotions that aren’t happy.”


“I want to explore that part of me that doesn’t have borders.”


“I’m thankful for the internet. The whole world now — we can reach, we can touch, and we can activate.”


“These feelings you have that aren’t always pretty, everyone else is feeling them too.”


“How can we have more conversations together about what’s going on in the world?“