Maiara Walsh

Episode 39 - November 17, 2015


Maiara Walsh is an acclaimed actor, and also a musician, artist, philanthropist, writer, director, and so much more.


She takes her creative energies and breathes life into everything that she does.


Maiara opens up in this episode about her upbringing, her journey to become her authentic self, and what she wants for the world.


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Show Notes:

-The value of creative exploration

-Building confidence

-Overcoming societal pressures

-Why she asks herself big questions like what fears are holding her back

-How feeling sympathetic joy is so important

-Learning from relationships

-Why dreams are important

-Learning how to be truthful to yourself and your friends


Truth Challenge:

1. When do you feel most free and alive?

2. What is one fear you know is holding you back?

3. How would you describe your love language?

4. What do you see possible for the world in our lifetime?

5. What more to important to you than anything else?


My Biggest Takeaways:

-Don't let yourself get bored! Always be in discovery and learning mode. Tip- google something that interests you. 


-Practice sympathetic joy. Support others and celebrate in other's success. Its not a zero-sum game, and what goes around, comes around.


-Figure out what you really love to do, outside of external opinions and circumstances. Be aware of and honor the unrealized pieces of you. Then pursue them.


Links Mentioned:

 -Learn more about Maiara Walsh on Wikipedia.

Episode Quotes

"If we can learn to be positive forces in each others lives, our quality of life will improve dramatically."


 "Living is difficult enough as it is, so why do we also sabotage one another?"


"When you view things at a superficial level, things stay superficial."


"When people tell me they are bored, how is that possible, you can learn anything at any time with a computer."


"Creativity is a way to release everything I’m thinking."


"I like being different."