Margo Majdi

Episode 78 - August 16, 2016


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Margo Majdi is the Founder and President of Mastery in Transformational Training (MITT), a leadership academy which helps people expand their emotional intelligence, perspective and overall effectiveness. Tune-in as Margo shares her life story, insight, and the importance of acknowledgement.
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Show Notes:

-The secret of listening

-What the MITT training is all about

-The impact that Margo had on Mark’s life

-How Margo’s childhood in Holland shaped her

-How she became the founder of MITT

-What it was like to go through the training program herself

-Why some people call Margo a psychic

-How the MITT movement has evolved over the years

-How she responds to people who call MITT a cult

-About her book The Art of Acknowledgement

Links Mentioned:

-Michael Strasner episode

-Chris Lee episode


-The Art of Acknowledgement


Exercise of The Week:

Acknowledge yourself. Look in the mirror and take at least 2 minutes to acknowledge yourself for who you are and what you are capable of.

Episode Quotes

“Life is a cult.”


“To improve your memory, be present.”


“I became way more aware of myself after the MITT training.”


“I’m always impressed when people I look up to are willing to take their lives to the next level.”


“People are willing to die for acknowledgement.”