Mark Shapiro & Jen Stone

Episode 238 - September 3, 2019


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“Love is like nothing else on this earth, but only when it is shared with someone wonderful like you.”
-Mandy Moore


Mark Shapiro and Jen Stone have been together for eight months and it has been a loving and passionate learning experience. They’ve lived through the high of coming together, the low of breaking up, the high of getting back together, and have been mirrors for each other in ways they never expected.


If you’ve been wanting to know more about Jen since her first appearance on 222, the lessons they've learned being together, and what makes their relationship tick, check out Episode 238!





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Show Notes:

-The backstory of their relationship for the last 8 months. (3:26)

-Their different personality styles. (8:15)

-How they’re the same. (10:20)

-A good indicator of a strong relationship. (11:29)

-What Mark and Jen have learned from each other. (12:40)

-How Mark and Jen handle situations differently. (15:35)

-Breaking up and getting back together. (18:00)

-How they each feel in being vulnerable on air. (24:17)


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Episode Quotes

“A good indicator of a relationship that’s strong is wanting to spend your time with the other person.”


“Be careful about moving in with someone so quickly.”


“It’s a choice to be with someone and move through life eloquently.”


"We are two humans that love each other deeply and are still getting to know one another."