Mark Cronin

Episode 96 - December 20, 2016


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Mark Cronin is one of the top reality TV producers in the history of the field. He has produced close to fifty different shows including The Surreal Life, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Charm School, Below Deck, and Below Deck Mediterranean. Today we discuss the authenticity of reality TV, what it teaches us about human nature, and where it’s headed in the future. This episode is for both lovers and haters of reality TV, and has gems of knowledge for all of us about how to be real, face our fears, and take risks.


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Show Notes:

-Why it’s important to take risks and explore different career options

-How Mark ended up working in reality TV

-Why people like reality TV

-What you can learn about human nature from watching reality TV

-The role reality TV played in the election of Donald Trump

-How reality TV creators make people into characters

-Why it hurts to be rejected when you are being authentic

-What Mark has learned about fear from reality TV

-Where reality TV is headed in the future

-How to build your personal brand


Links Mentioned:

-Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:
Are you being real about your fears?

Episode Quotes

“The truth will come out one way or another, you might as well get ahead of it.”


“People can see and smell phoniness, they will reject it.”


“It’s hard to go through life fooling everybody all the time, and its stressful.”


“Good reality TV is a reflection of life.”


“The best reality shows, reflect true human nature.”


“It’s amazing how we all imagine dangers that don’t exist, and make decisions based on them that tend to freeze us up.”


“If you can realize that the things you are afraid of, a lot of them are imaginary, you’ll live a bolder, more successful life.”


“I do believe that deep down inside every human being is an animal.”


“I think a lot of people are making their decisions based on fear, paranoia, and imagined dangers.”