Mark Greenspan

Episode 21 - July 14, 2015


Mark Greenspan is a connector, educator, and digital business developer.


He left a full time job a year ago to "take a sabbatical," and hasn't looked back. He's an expert on social media, connecting people, and growing businesses.


In this episode, learn why Mark doesn't think authenticity exists, how to monetize the art of connecting, and much more.


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Show Notes:

-Importance of having values

-How to get out of the way of yourself and ride the wave

-Living from the heart

-How people can hyper perform their identities with social media tools

-How technology is changing the way we act and behave

-Why you should be experimenting with your identity your entire life

-How to be a good connector and how to build relationships


Links Mentioned:

-Mark talks about netCorps in this episode.

Episode Quotes

"Being an activist can be as simple as transmitting happiness on a daily basis."


"I really don’t think authenticity exists - we have so many layers in our psyche of stories."


"We have all these different identities that we play."