Mark Shapiro

Episode 187 - September 11, 2018


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Imagine a world that's a cross between Disneyland and Willy Wonka where you can be whoever you want to be, do what you want to do, dance how you want to dance, and just express yourself as you please with 69,999 other for an entire week. This place exists for one week a year and it's called Burning Man.

For Mark, Burning Man almost serves as New Years. He uses it as a time to assess where his life has taken him since the last Burn and where he is at emotionally, spiritually, physically, and romantically. Even though this past year has been challenging, it's also been full of immense growth. In Episode 187, Mark shares what made this year's Burn particularly special.

Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a list of special affirmations that help Mark through his challenges and could be of service to you as well.


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Show Notes:

-What is Burning Man?

-Why Burning Man is like New Years.

-Common challenges you encounter at Burning Man.

-Why Mark was terrified to go and almost didn't.

-Mark's favorite art piece from the festival.

-The craziest thing Mark has seen at Burning Man.

-Affirmation that Mark wants to share.

Episode Quotes

"Burning Man feels like another planet."


"My intention is to be, to love, to have fun, to be in service of others."


"The formula for happiness is to allow myself to simply be and appreciate all that is around me."


"My life is fantastic... I don't need more. I'm open to receiving more, but that's not going to be contingent on my happiness."


"Every decision I've made has been the right one for me and has led to this exact moment."


"I'm in charge of how I feel and I am choosing love and happiness today."