Mark Shapiro & Erin Kameiko

Episode 91 - November 15, 2016


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This week The One & Only brings you something a little different — a candid conversation between myself and Erin Kameiko. Erin Kameiko joined the Are You Being Real team last week, and what better way to get to know her than to listen to her share her truths? You’ll also learn a thing or two about me, Mark Shapiro. Listen in as we ask each other vulnerable questions, answer off the cuff, laugh a lot, and get Real.


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Show Notes:

-How we judge our own bodies

-Our dark sides… spoken and unspoken

-What you still have to offer to the world if you lose “everything”

-Why we are our own harshest critics

-Where our inner critic comes from

-How to practice being kind to yourself

-Handshake or Hug… socially awkward situations

-What parts of ourselves we hide from others

-Why we’re all a mix of light and dark

-When it’s hard to act with integrity


Links Mentioned:

-Erin's website:


Questions of The Week:

How much of the real, true YOU does the world get to see?

How much of yourself do you allow yourself to see?

Episode Quotes

“Fear is what draws ego and all these other things that cause us to be unkind to each other.”


“To learn to value what you have in all of its imperfections is a beautiful place to get to.”


“We’re all reflections of each other, and so if we want ill will on someone else, it’s just our own ill will on ourselves.”


“We dislike in others the parts of ourselves that we dislike most.”


“We are blank canvases, and we have all this paint splattered us, and by the end of our life we’re this masterpiece.”


“We each have light and dark within us and it’s which life we choose to lead, the light or the dark.”


“It’s hardest for me to be in a place of in integrity when I’m in fear.”