Mark Shapiro

Episode 190 - October 2, 2018


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For the past 189 episodes, Mark has gotten his guests to open up about all sorts of real and raw topics.  But for the first time in three years, he's going fully solo and opening up about one of his most important life-long quests: to find romantic love.


Ever since Mark was a kid, he had dreams of finding 'the love of his life' and starting a family. Now, at age 36, he finds himself single after experiencing incredible highs and devastating lows.  While experiencing a fraction of the frustration he's felt would be enough for some to swear off their pursuit of love, it's only caused him to strengthen his resolve and double-down on calling in the person he desires.


In Episode 190, Mark gets real about what's worked romantically for him and what has not. He shares how his vision for his soulmate has evolved over the past years, embarrassing and frustrating experiences with technology, lessons learned from going on 100+ first dates, and how his marriage and divorce has shaped the man he is today.


While this episode was uncomfortable for him to record, Mark hopes you find this episode interesting, entertaining, relatable, and valuable! <3



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Show Notes:

-Mark's role models for love.

-How he met 'the love of his life.'

-How he coped with his divorce after 11 years.

-Mark's original vision for his dream girl.

-An embarrassing tool Mark used to analyze his dating life.

-His thoughts on dating apps (especially Bumble).

-The 3 biggest challenges Mark faces in his dating life.

-How a lonely night watching Pitch Perfect 2 helped him re-evaluate his original vision.

-What is "passionate ambivalence" and how has it shown up in Mark's dating life.

-Mark's commitment and hope for the future.

Episode Quotes

"I was really willing to do whatever it takes to grow, to move on, so I could create space for a new beautiful relationship."


"How will I know when she arrived?"


"I continue to be obsessed with finding The One."


"Am I even ready for a relationship?"


"I'm in love with myself and the life I'm living."


"I have so much love to give and I want to give it away."


"At the end of the day, Love so important to me that I'll never give up."