Mark Shapiro

Episode 242 - Oct 4, 2019


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"Don't count the days. Make the days count."
-Muhammad Ali


As of the time of this episode's recording, we have 90 days left in 2019. That means we have 90 days left in THIS DECADE. And just like in business and in sports, the fourth quarter is when the magic needs to happen and where we need to give our all.


In this episode (#242), Mark brings into focus the importance of these last 90 days of the year, explains why hit's okay to forgive ourselves for falling short of our goals so far, and shares his top 3 (really 4... and maybe a bonus 5th) tips for creating a year-end game plan to shine and end up on top.





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Show Notes:

•Why these last 90 days of the year matter. (02:20)

•Why we should forgive ourselves for falling short. (03:25)

•Mark's tips for creating a year-end game plan. (4:20)

•Some inspiring quotes. (11:13)


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Episode Quotes

"The fourth quarter is where the magic happens. When the fourth quarter arrives, it's an opportunity to shine."


"If you write your goal down and have accountability, you're 76.7% more likely to achieve it."


"There is still time left!"


"It's important to accept that we're here and to forgive ourselves if we've come up short."