Mark Shapiro

Episode 228 - June 25, 2019


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In Episode 64 of People Being Real (formally known as "The One And Only Podcast"), Mark answered some questions submitted by close friends and family and gave the most vulnerable interview he's ever done up to that point.  Fast forward to a few years later, and Mark has dropped vulnerable episode after vulnerable episode on us.


Today, he's revisiting that format from Episode 64 and answering some listener-submitted questions, all of which seem to tie into 'stepping into your light.' The topics he covers include how he loves, his fears, his fulfillment, his current vision, and his relationship with death.


To hear Mark's answers to these questions, sit down and tune in to Episode 228 of People Being Real!


PS: As you listen to his answer, take note of how you would answer the question for yourself. There's a good chance you'll uncover something you can address and look at in your own life as well!





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Show Notes:

-Why Mark chose to answer some listener questions.

-"When’s the last time you asked yourself how fulfilled you are right in this moment?"

-"What’s the magnetic force pulling your heart into next?"

-"What are your greatest fears and what have you done to overcome them?"

-"How do you give love?"

-"Are you ready to die?"


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Episode Quotes

"I ask myself if I’m fulfilled on a weekly basis."


"Fulfillment is fleeting, but also a great target."


“Often times the root of everything is love and peace inside.”


“I feel like I’m very much living on purpose.”