Mark Shapiro

Episode 69 - June 14, 2016


In this special episode, I explain the meaning of Are You Being Real and why I created the site. I’ll discuss the takeaways from the Reality Check, plus tips and tools that have supported me and my clients, including my excellent new Winning Weeks program.




Show Notes:

-Does authenticity get us in trouble?

-What I’ve learned from asking people what authenticity means to them

-The value of being authentic

-The challenges that people face when they try to be authentic

-The difference between real and authentic

-The evolution of Are You Being Real

-Why I decided to re-brand

-What the world would look like if more people were true to themselves

-The micro and macro levels of being real

-The takeaways from the reality check tool

Links Mentioned:

-Adam Grant's New York Times Article

-Julian Baggini's TED Talk: Is There a Real You?

-Episode 24 - What Authenticity Means to Me

Episode Quotes

"It is satisfying to own your voice, which is empowering and creates positive momentum."

"With challenging moments comes the opportunity to grow and excel."

"When I pushed through my fear, it opened me up to he flow of creativity."

"We should support others in being true to themselves so that we can all thrive and take advantage of each others' unique talents and gifts."

"As humans we tend to look outward to fill our glass and for direction."