Mark Shapiro

Episode 241 - September 27, 2019


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"What do you do when you realize that
the person you have been is no longer serving you?"


In Episode 241, Mark decided to share some thoughts on this very question. This summer has offered Mark a ton of opportunities to self-reflect and get real with himself about who he's been and what it's going to take to get to where he wants to go.


Some of the this week's highlights include some thoughts regarding how triggering (and insightful) being around family can be, what kind of thought habits, patterns, and actions from his childhood continue to influence him today (for better or for worse), and what we can all do to get clear on why we are the way we are and use that information to guide us into the future we want.


If you're ready to take a trip down memory lane and get real with yourself, check out this micro-episode on People Being Real!


This has been a reality for Mark in 2019. He’s been nursing some lofty goals for quite some time, and in order to become the next best version of himself, he realized that the only place he can look to is him.




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Show Notes:

•02:30 - Why 2019 has been a challenging year.

•04:41 - How ‘fear of rejection’ has gotten in Mark’s way.

•06:30 - How being around family recently triggered Mark and led to thinking about his childhood.

•08:30 - What Mark has realized about his relationship to authenticity and oversharing.

•10:18 - Why Mark has realized that no one is ‘coming to the rescue’ and what he plans to do about it.

•13:05 - What Mark recommends we do if we need greater clarity about who we are.


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Episode Quotes

“In order to take my game to the next level, the only place I can really look to is: me.”


“There is so much juice you can squeeze out of your childhood.”


“The more we can understand the patterns of the past, the more likely we’re able to challenge them, break them, and change them.”