Mark Shapiro

Episode 129 - August 8, 2017


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In today’s untraditional episode, Doug Akin, Aya Trenier, and Mark Shapiro chat about Mark’s recent TEDx talk experience. They tackle the topics of how we can use social media for good, how human connection has changed over time, and the importance of challenging the status quo. Tune in for easy to apply ideas of how you can use social media to forward your life, and create authentic connection in your community.


Show Notes:

-How the TEDx opportunity came to Mark

-How we can make social media more personal

-Mark's birthday experiment

-Ideas for making authentic connection through social media

-Why it’s important to show up authentically

-Connections and re-connections that social media makes possible

-How connection can have an impact on aging

-How Mark’s dad was a part of his TEDx talk

-Why life advice from parental-like figures is invaluable

-Why it’s important to press into your passion


Links Mentioned:

-Listen to Episode 123 with Doug Akin

-Listen to Episode 90 - Mark's homage to his dad

-Get your Organifi Green Juice today


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about the way you utilize your social media?

Episode Quotes

“The average person picks up their phone 100 times a day and spends 4 hours on it. If you’re going to be on your phone that much, are you using it to actually forward your life?”


“We can make social media more personal and connected.”


“Everything is open and ripe for innovation and creativity — especially the way we treat each other.”


“Press into your passion and share it out there. With technology we can create however we desire.”


“Which version of me is at the wheel of my life?”


“We are not the only ones who lose when we’re living scared or closed off — everybody loses out on our unique talents and gifts.”