Mark Shapiro

Episode 236 - August 20, 2019


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The joys that come from knowing how to work a room and use technology to enhance relationships is available for anyone, as long as you're willing to try and put in a few minutes a day.


And on today's episode (#236 of People Being Real), we're featuring a condensed version of an interview Mark recorded with Amy Baglan for the Wellness 3.0 podcast. It's a great short episode that highlights some of Mark's insights on what you should and shouldn't do when engaging in social situations and why using tech (such as sending audio and videos messages (like in his Birthday Experiment) is one of the best ways you can create meaningful connections with others.


If you liked what you heard and want to experience the full interview (an addition 20+ minutes of details), check out the original interview (see the bottom of the show notes).





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Show Notes:

-How Mark engages and entertains others and his theory for what determines the vibe of a social gathering. (2:44)

-What Mark does when he finds himself in situations where he’s struggling to connect. (5:09)

-Why setting goals in social situations is helpful. (7:06)

-Why you shouldn’t hang out in the doorway or the fringes at a gathering. (8:12)

-How Mark feels about getting out of his comfort zone in relationships. (9:33)

-How can we help others “be real.” (11:17)

-The Why, What, Who, and How of Mark’s Birthday Experiment. (13:30)

-Some of the most memorable responses he’s received from his videos. (19:03)

-How Mark is building off of The Birthday Experience to nurture other creative and professional relationships. (24:11)

-What is Mark’s definition of  ‘social wellness.’ (27:37)

-A challenge for every listener of this episode. (29:22)


Things to check out:
ORIGINAL PODCAST: Wellness 3.0 - Episode #15: Mark Shapiro
Mark's TEDx Talk: "Want More Love? The Art of Authentic Connection In A Digital World"

Episode Quotes

“So much of the vibe of a party is based off the strength of the relationship between the host and the people they invited.”


“Speaking your truth is the gateway to deep, quick, and meaningful connection.”


“If you believe people aren’t real with you, the only person to point the finger at is yourself.”


“Part of the reason I decided to do The Birthday Experiment is because I could.”


“Reach out to somebody every day and say something kind.”