Marshall Dunn

Episode 93 - November 29, 2016



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Marshall Dunn is the author of Letters to Mitch: The Healing Power of Grief, Love & Truth, which comes out tomorrow, November 30th, 2016. He is a coach, as well as a contributing writer for Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha, among others. Join us for a conversation about how his brother’s suicide turned his life around, why he sees death as an important topic that is too often ignored, and how we can all harness the power of grief to bring about positive change in our lives.


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Show Notes:

-How a tragic family event got Marshall to start asking big questions

-How he saw the world as a child

-Who am I? …the darkest time in his life

-How to embrace anger and guilt

-Why forgiveness clears a new path

-The taboo subject: suicide

-How the topic of death can help you ground yourself in life

-Why it’s important to let your body grieve

-The role of family: offering support and being supported

-How grief can become a guide


Links Mentioned:

-Letters to Mitch: The Healing Power of Grief, Love & Truth

-Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with the areas of your life that need attention?

Episode Quotes

“Fear and suffering can be the spearhead for love & wisdom.”


“Address what’s festering within or it will spill out into other areas of your life.”


“When you stay open to life, life opens up to you. When you are closed, you are shutting off possibilities.”


“There is real strength in vulnerability, creativity and revelations to be found in it – it’s like a breath of fresh air.”


“No matter what you’ve been through, you can use it as a catalyst to see there is light at the end of the tunnel.”


“How you perceive something makes all the difference.”


“On the other side of grief is relief.”


“Grief teaches you how to live and how to love.”


“If you’re not moving and swimming downstream with life, you are stuck in the pond, and you are going against the natural flow of life.”


“Healing is an active choice, it’s not passive.”