Matt Belair

Episode 118 - May 23, 2017


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Matt Belair is the bestselling author of Zen Athlete, the host of The Matt Belair Podcast, and a distinguished coach. In today’s episode he shares with us the highlights (and near death experiences) of his fascinating journey, his vision for how sports can play a positive role in raising the human consciousness, and invaluable tips for how to lead life from the heart.


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Show Notes:

-The pivotal moments that guided Matt’s path

-What Matt learned from near death experiences

-Why experience is the most valuable teacher

-How to differentiate between leading with your head and leading with your heart

-How to practice leading from the heart

-What is a zen athlete?

-What physical challenges can teach us

-Matt’s vision for sports

-Life hacks to get you on your dream path

-How you can choose your perspective in any moment

Links Mentioned:

-Get your Organifi

-Visit Matt's website

-Listen to The Matt Belair Podcast

-Read Zen Athlete


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with your heart?

Episode Quotes

“Real wisdom is experience.”


“Never give up. Keep persevering.”


“Be ok in the process of learning."


“Be kind to yourself.”


“Nature is a harmonic resonance. Sit in it.”


“Be easy on yourself — you’re just a kid in the eyes of the universe.“


“Be the light in your community.”