Matt Hunter

Episode 135 - Sept 19, 2017


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Matt Hunter is the co-founder of Cambyo, an intimacy development project which supports people to explore their sexuality and create fulfilling intimate relationships. In today’s episode, Matt and Mark open up and get vulnerable about all things sex and relationships. Matt takes us through how to readjust our expectations for sex, relax about our insecurities, and create comfortable environments for exploration. Tune in to learn how to become your most authentic sexual self, and explore your deepest intimate fantasies.


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Show Notes:

-What authenticity means to Matt

-What you can experience if you let your reputation go

-How to get in touch with your truth

-How to readjust your expectations for sex

-The importance of presence in sex

-Why we place so much importance on sex

-Polyamory vs. monogamy

-How to acknowledge your own unique needs and desires

-Why people are naturally promiscuous

-How to create a nonjudgemental environment for exploration

-What is intimacy actually?



Links Mentioned:

-Check out Cambyo

-Apply for Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about what you’re struggling with?

Episode Quotes

“Do what feels like the right thing to do.”


“Money shouldn’t dictate how you live your life.”


“Chill the fuck out about whatever you are struggling about.”


“You’re biggest sex organ is your brain.”


“Sex is not a performance, it’s two people coming together to connect.”


“What lights you up most?”


“If you can tell the truth, you are a hero.”


“If you can renounce the need to look good, you can really enjoy yourself.”