Matthew Schildkret

Episode 87 - October 18, 2016


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Matthew Schildkret is an artist, author, social activist, spiritual teacher, and business man. He is the founder and owner of Late Sunday Afternoon and the author of Change I Will, a children’s book about change. Join us for a conversation in which we dive deep into what one can gain from challenging friendships, explore how Matthew’s business evolved out of thin air, and learn how taking risks into the unknown can lead to life’s most fulfilling experiences.


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Show Notes:

- How family expectations shape us and help us grow

-How challenging friendships can benefit you

-How to explore the limits of being blunt and truthful

-Why tough love can be important

-How to read people and understand what kind of feedback they need

-Matthew’s experience with the Occupy movement

-The evolution of Late Sunday Afternoon

-How Matthew’s means of achieving his goals changed in surprising ways over time

-Gratitudes and Mantras… How to bless yourself

-What you can learn from unfulfilled expectations

-The importance of being open and playful with yourself

Links Mentioned:

-Late Sunday Afternoon

-Change I Will - A children's book about change

Episode Quotes

“One of the best ways to bless yourself is to remind yourself what you are grateful for.”


“When we create self worth, we value our belongings & community in a way that makes it radiate with love and power.”


“Blessings and prayer are majestic. They create a sense of awe & wonder that doesn’t have to be religious.”


“Love can be everyone’s religion.”


“Be ok with the mystery in our lives. Find solace in the unknown.”


“Take your money out of companies you don’t believe in, and invest in people.”


“Stop believing everything people post on their Facebook page, read a book.”


“When we leave home, we become a person we didn’t know we were.”


“I speak to myself in a very wizardly magical way.”