Matty Mo

Episode 160 - Mar 13, 2018


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Matty Mo is the most famous artist. Matty went from a tech entrepreneur to the most famous artist — in a day. In this episode Matty shares a near-death experience, the most humiliating story I have ever heard, and what to do if you feel trapped by your identity. Tune in to learn why Matty thinks nothing is authentic anymore, and how this knowledge gives us the power to be whoever we want to be.


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Show Notes:

-How Matty became the most famous artist

-How your identity can change in a day

-What the internet does to authenticy

-The lasting legacy of art

-Why Matty borrows other people’s art ideas

-How to become whoever you want to be

-The value of intention

-A sneak peek at Matty’s next art show…


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Episode Quotes

"We're all kind of representing ourselves inauthentically."


"Art is a way to create legacy after death."


"Our actions online are going to be documented forever."


"Decide who you are going to be, and tell everybody you're it."


"I come up with headlines."


"I make art that makes me more famous."


“There is no such thing as authentic anymore.”


“We only have as much time as this meat skeleton will give us.”