Michael Hebb

Episode 166 - April 24, 2018


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Michael Hebb is a true Renaissance man. He works to bring people together to create social change through his salons and dinner events including Death Over Dinner, Drugs Over Dinner, Earth to Dinner, and Women Teach Men. In today’s episode we discuss how he learned that he could do whatever the f*ck he wanted, how he got his life back after losing it all, and why he has chosen the dinner table as his go-to venue for creating social change.


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Show Notes:

-How Michael learned that he could do whatever he wanted

-The lesson in losing it all

-How Michael rebuilt his life as a change maker

-The importance of the dinner table

-How to create meaningful conversation

-When to follow through… and when to retire an idea

-How Michael works to challenge leaders

-What is Women Teach Men?


Links Mentioned:

-Watch Michael's TEDMED talk

-Check out Women Teach Men

-Join our social experiment


Episode Quotes

“It’s a very good idea to break the law - that’s the only way things have changed.”


“I can do whatever the fuck I want.”


“Civil disobedience is how things change.”


“Never believe your own press.”


“Our lives are a conversation.”


“Say the things you are afraid to say.”


“Let greatness roll through you.”


“All humans are equal.”


“The table is magic and we don’t even know how to use it.”