Michael Strasner

Episode 45 - December 29, 2015


Michael Strasner, my mentor and an exceptional coach, is our first repeat guest on The One & Only, sharing how you can make 2016 a year of personal growth and elevation in all areas of your life.


Michael and I have an engaging discussion about his new bestselling book, Living On The Skinny Branches, personal growth, inspiring others, and the state of the world.


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Show Notes:

-All about his new book, Living On The Skinny Branches

-How to surround yourself with people who will bring you to the next level

-What’s not working in the world today

-Why there is not a level playing field in the workforce for women and men

-Why education isn’t working in the United States

-What you can do to get involved with your community

-Why you need to stop and take time to look at your own life


Links Mentioned:

-Listen to Episode 22, my first interview with Michael


Episode Quotes

"Give everything you can, and live to the fullest."


"Speaking the jargon of transformation is one thing, living it is another."


"The daily violence is a reflection of the stress people are under and the lack of choice they see."


"Be willing to let go of what you know and be in discovery."


“Compromise does not have to mean selling out”