Myles Scott

Episode 225 - June 4, 2018


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“What’s a f*ckboy?”


If you don’t what one is, you’re not alone.  A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of unique definitions, but it all boils down to basically the same thing: it’s a weak or contemptible man that only acts and says whatever it takes to serve himself without regard for anyone else’s feelings or wellbeing.


It’s not a label you want to earn or have to shake off down the road.


But if you find yourself being one -or know someone who is- all hope is not lost.  Today’s guest, Myles Scott, is a perfect example of how there is still a chance for you to mend your ways, turn your life around, and evolve into a more conscious person.


As a former f*ckboy, Myles chose to make changes to how he treats others (especially women) and now works with both men and women to evolve together and change the toxic culture he used to be a part of. His movement is gaining critical mass and shows no signs of stopping and we’re happy to have him join Mark today.


If you’ve been acting like f*ckboy yourself or know one, and want to know what you can do to change the culture around you as well, tune in to Episode 225 of People Being Real!




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Show Notes:

-When did he start having his awakening to change his life?

-The messages that are most resonating with people.

-Where's the limit on being vulnerable?

-Best practices and tips for starting a movement.

-What Myles's love life looks like and his vision for love.

-How he manages negative self-sabotaging thoughts.


Things to check out:
Kickstarter (book): DTF (Death to F*ckboys) by Myles Scott

Episode Quotes

"It all starts with 'self.'"


“Life is about evolving.”


“Disciple in the greatest expression of self-love.”


“My identity is more fluid than I think it is.”


“You have to be honest with yourself first and foremost.”