Nadav Wilf

Episode 97 - December 27, 2016


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Nadav Wilf is a nationally renowned speaker, the founder of Lifestyle Perfected, and a coach. Today we talk about how you can build the lifestyle of your dreams by following your passions, learning to love yourself, and unlearning busyness. Start off 2017 on the right foot with this inspiring episode.  


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Show Notes:

-The pivotal life moments that led Nadav to follow his passions

-How Nadav’s relationship with himself developed through big life transitions

-When validation can be healthy

-The current challenges to authenticity that Nadav faces

-Why its hard to sell your own talents

-What is Lifestyle Perfected

-Why it feels good to follow your passions even in challenging times

-How Nadav schedules his life around what he wants to be doing

-Why busyness is a belief we need to let go of

-How to use a calendar to create your dream life


Links Mentioned:

-Nadav's TEDx talk

-Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT)

-The Landmark Forum

-Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:
Are you being real about what you really want?

Episode Quotes

“True wealth is feeling good while living your dream.”


“I love to eat from the delicious buffet of life.”


“Are you in love with the moments you are living?”


“Unfuck your mind and then re-fuck it in the way you want to be fucked.”


“Everything is perfect. Being with what is, is a perfect state of being, and the place to create from.”


“My life is best when I do what feels good and what I want to do. Everything else comes together in a seemingly illogical way.”


“I don’t use the word work, I like to call it creating and focusing.”


“I want you to brag about what you’re doing. Share it and inspire people.”