Ora Nadrich

Episode 212 - March 5, 2019


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Do you dwell on your past? Are you anxious about the future? You're not alone. Many people relive past experiences over and over in the head, wondering what might have been, or fret about tomorrow thinking "What if."  But what we fail to realize in those moments, is that we're passing up a once-in-a-lifetime moment that we could be learning from in the here and now.


Are you being real living true and living in the present?


In Episode 212, Mark sits down with mindfulness coach and author, Ora Nadrich. She's an expert at helping others live authentically in the present. After the passing of her sister, Ora has doubled-down on living in the moment and treating each moment like it's only one worth living. And in this episode, she shares why the past is a great teacher, how authenticity plays into mindfulness, how to create better relationships with our desires and attachments, and she shares some of her favorite techniques to savor the present.








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Show Notes:

-How her sister's passing inspired her new book Live True.

-What life looks like after reconciling her past.

-Why there is magic in the present moment.

-How authenticity plays into mindfulness.

-What pulls Ora out of the present and what brings her back.



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Episode Quotes

“The past is a great teacher.”


“We are works in progress. We are constantly evolving, constantly growing.”


"Every moment is a birth."


“Live this moment as if it’s the only moment of your life worth living.”


"Live now. Live you."