Mark Shapiro

Episode 98 - January 3, 2017


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I, Mark Shapiro, sit in the hot seat in today’s episode of The One and Only as Brandon Beachum interviews me for The Positive Head Podcast. I share some nuggets that I've never before shared with listeners of The One and Only. Listen in as we discuss what caused me to change course in my career, the serendipitous events that led to, and why taking courageous acts of authenticity guides my life path.


Show Notes:

What led me to quit Showtime

-How being a younger brother affected my life path

-How not to live vicariously through others

-The difference between talking about authenticity and actually being authentic

-Authentic posting on social media

-My Giving Confessions project

-How a support network can help you achieve your goals

-Why do we hide so much?

-The signature question: Are you being real?

-How to flow with authenticity rather than force life changes


Links Mentioned:

-The Positive Head Podcast

-Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:
Are you being real about what you're set out to achieve in 2017?

Episode Quotes

“It’s one thing to be talking about authenticity. It’s another thing to actually be authentic and be vulnerable.”


“This life is hard. It’s important to have a team and to have incredible support around you.”


“When you put yourself outside of your comfort zone you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.”


“We’re all responsible for the current state of the world, with that lies the opportunity moving forward as to the part that we can play in shaping and creating the world that we ultimately want.”


“When we are being love we are going to attract more love.”


“Look within, even at the places that you don’t want to look at.”