Psalm Isadora

Episode 61 - April 19, 2016


Psalm Isadora is a sex expert, sex coach, and yoga teacher who believes in authentically engaging in our own unique sexuality. In this episode, she talks about her upbringing and the abuse that shaped her young life, and her transformation into the successful entrepreneur she is today. You’ll learn a lot about sex and sexuality from this episode!


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Show Notes:

-What it means to be a sex coach

-What tantra means

-About her upbringing in a religious cult

-How she dealt with trauma

-What sexual education should look like

-How she became a teenage mother and how that changed her

-Healthy ways to embrace your sexuality

-How to communicate your sexual needs and desires authentically

-Why fantasies and actions are very different things

Question of The Week:

Are you hyper or hypo sexual?


Exercise of the Week:

Erotic Root Exercise:

Spend some time and write down the answers to these questions, in order to find where you get your feelings and knowledge about sex and sexuality: What was your mother's attitudes about sex? your father's? How did you see them interact with each other growing up? How did that form your ideas about sex?


Episode Quotes

"Sexuality is a very powerful form of energy that affects all areas of your life."


"We need to talk about positive sex education so that teenagers learn to value their bodies."


"When you hit rock bottom, your soul wakes up and says 'enough with these shenanigans!'"


"You should treat your lovers as good as you do your friends - at the very least."


"To be more real about your sexuality: be aware of your fantasies and desires, but at the same time be responsible for your actions."