Rave' Mehta

Episode 95 - December 13, 2016


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Rave’ Mehta is an engineer, author, musician, producer, TEDx speaker, pioneer in the virtual reality field, as well as a social activist. He has spent over a decade investigating fear, and we dive deep into this topic in today’s episode. Join us for a conversation about the three pillars of fear, why pressing into fear can help us discover our authentic selves, and how you can peel away the layers of vulnerability to show who you really are. 


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Show Notes:

-Rave’s favorite breathing techniques

-How the global day of meditation exceeded Rave’s expectations

-What led to his curiousity about how fear works

-The three pillars of fear

-How to combat fear in your life

-How to let go of expectations in relationships and goals

-Why failure doesn’t exist

-How to tell if someone else is being real

-Why we feel more or less authentic in different physical places

-How Rave’s book helps kids excel in school


Links Mentioned:

-The Inventor: The Story of Tesla

-Winning Weeks



Question of The Week:
Where in your life is fear stopping you?

Episode Quotes

“There is no such thing as failure, only an opportunity for success & learning.”


"Fear is always in the future, many times triggered by the past and always experienced in the present."


"Learn to be you, and then home will find you."


"I know I’m being real when I’m accessing flow. I'm accessing flow then I’m doing things that are aligned with my purpose and my authentic self."


"With patience, persistence and perseverance, you can change the world and you can ultimately change yourself."


"If we’re not working toward differentiating ourselves and pushing our boundaries then what’s our purpose? How do we grow?"


“I ultimately feel like we all have our own spiritual path, so there’s seven billion religions on this planet, not a handful.”