Rob Lawless

Episode 184 - August 21, 2018


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There are moments in our life when we feel disconnected from others and want to meet new people to help breath new life into our day-to-day. Whether it's for business connections, dating, or just new potential friendships, we all experience insecurities, especially when it comes to connecting with random strangers.

Even though he had a comfortable job straight out of college as a consultant for Deloitte, Rob Lawless decided to get rid of his insecurities and work on becoming world-class at connecting with random strangers. He's currently on a mission to connect with 10,000 new friends to see what kind of possibilities open up for them and for himself. It's what he's dedicating his life to at the moment and it's where his personal satisfaction and passion lies.

In this episode, Mark sits down with Rob to discuss how the project came to be, the lessons he's learned along the way, and what the future holds. You're sure to find some inspiration for finding your own unique path, sticking to it, and make a few new friends along the way.


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Show Notes:

-How Rob transitioned into his authentic self.

-How long Rob's 10,000 Friends project will take to complete.

-Why the project has evolved from 10-minute to 60-minute meetings.

-How anyone can become one of Rob's '10,000 Friends'.

-What trends Rob sees in the conversations he has had.

-How Rob manages the relationships he has created during his project.

-How Rob has been able to financially sustain himself during this project.

-How Rob's faith helps him move forward into the unknown.


Episode Quotes

“It never gets old talking about yourself.”


“When you distill a person’s life down to four or five sentences, everyone is interesting.”


“I don’t like that people see themselves as less interesting from reading other people’s stories.”


“Sometimes I need to open up myself in order to get other people to open up to me.”


“I choose to look at the good side of everything.”


“I don’t believe in world peace, but I do believe in world empathy.”


“Use your resources, whatever they may be.”