Robbe Richman

Episode 192 - October 16, 2018


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If achieving your goals, feeling like your best self, or even finding the love of your life was as easy as taking one pill, would you do it?  Robbe Richman, the author of The Culture Blueprint and founder of Xpill, believes it's possible.


He's helped hundreds of people, massive influencer and regular people alike, go through the Xpill activation process to see and feel the difference in their life. It's not what's in the pill that matters (what's in it will actually surprise you). It's the intention and decision behind taking it that matters.


On this episode of the Are You Being Real Podcast, Mark sits down with Robbe to talk about some of the aftermath of releasing his tell-all about his love life (Episode 190) and what's changing in his life and business because of it.  Robbe and Mark also talk about what the Xpill activation process is and they both take one for different reasons while the audio is rolling.  If you're interested in learning about how this process works, what it can do for you, and what you can expect moving forward on the podcast, you're going to want to sit back and tune in.



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Show Notes:

-Being present on dates.

-Why Robbe doesn't want voices in his head.

-How Robbe thinks dating apps can be improved.

-One of Mark's recent dating experiences.

-Robbe's standards for dates.

-Mark's reaction to releasing Episode 190 about his love life.

-How Episode 190 has changed the tone of Are You Being Real.

-Robbe's thoughts on having a work/life balance.

-What is an Xpill and how does it work?

-Mark & Robbe's dual Xpill process.

-Reactions to taking the Xpill on air.


Things to Check Out:
•Book:   X: The Story of a Magic Pill  by Robert Richman
•Book:   The Culture Blueprint: A Guide to Building the High-Performance Workplace by Robert Richman
•Blog Post:   The Next Dating App (+How to Disrupt an Industry) by Robert Richman

Episode Quotes

"I've come to believe that people don't have commitment issues. They have choice issues."


"Speaking our truth can be a scary thing!"


"I've learned that there is an opportunity for growth in owning a truth because once you put it out there, it's like 'So what?'"


"Openness has been something that I've always known gets me love."


"If I can't speak my truth with someone, they're probably not the person for me."


"There is so much shared humanity in the ups and downs of dating in this digital age, and we might as well talk about it unstead of isolating ourselves thinking that we're the only ones going through this."


"When a woman meets the right man, she's ready. When a man is ready, he meets the right woman."


"Reality tends to show you how you're out of alignment."


"All these ideas I have are meaningless unless I do something."