Ross Everett

Episode 68 - June 7, 2016


Ross Everett is a comedian, actor, musician, and curious human. In this episode, he explains how he became a master communicator and the journey he is on to serve others. We discuss giving, going after your goals, and loving who you are.


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Show Notes:

-How Ross recently got clarity around his purpose

-What happened with his time at SourceFed and his own show

-How to figure out if you’re pushing for something or if it’s pulling you towards it

-What a past life regression is

-The gift of having fans

-What it means to give and what giving does to the giver

-The keys to communication that you can start using

-What judgement can do to help and to hinder us


Extended Truth Challenge: 


Links Mentioned:

-Now What Did We Learn podcast


-Straight Outta Options

-Many Lives, Many Masters

-Man’s Search for Meaning


Question of The Week:

How can you love even more of yourself right now?


Exercise of the Week:

Sing a song in the shower.

Episode Quotes

“The things we don’t like about ourselves are our greatest gifts.”


“You don’t need others' approval to love yourself.”


“We all serve a role that only we can fill.”


“It’s not a competition, it’s a coalition.”


“Learn from others and support them."


“If you can be a chameleon and adapt to your surroundings, you will be able to communicate your message to anyone.”


“It's not about you, communication is always about the other person.”


“If you want to be received, you have to hand something to somebody in a way that they can receive it.”