Ruben Rojas

Episode 132 - August 29, 2017


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Ruben Rojas is an artist and the director of Beautify Earth. You may have seen Ruben’s colorful murals spreading love to the masses on walls around Santa Monica. In today’s episode of the One & Only we talk about how to tap into your creativity, the difference between living in love vs. fear, and the value of keeping things simple. Ruben is an inspiring model for those wanting to create a positive ripple effect in their community through art!


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Show Notes:

-How to apply a child’s point of view in your adult life

-Understanding the difference between love and fear

-How Ruben became a muralist

-Why walls?

-How to tap into your creativity and self-expression

-What is Beautify Earth

-Why simple messages are more powerful

-How Ruben thinks about self-awareness

-Why it’s easier to be you than someone else

-The value in keeping your day flexible



Links Mentioned:

-Visit Ruben's website

-Check out Beautify Earth


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with your creative expression?

Episode Quotes

“Humans are meaning making machines.”


“Let it go and flow.”


“Keep it simple.”


“It’s so much harder being something that your not — just be you.”


“It’s never the right time until you make it the right time.”


“Don’t regret anything. Everything you’ve done up to this moment had a purpose — it all led you to right now.”


“There’s no manual for how to raise another human being.”