Ryan Blair

Episode 84 - September 27, 2016


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Ryan Blair is a New York Times #1 bestselling author, global humanitarian, and self-made multimillionaire. His new book, Rock Bottom to Rock Star, will be released Sunday, October 4th 2016. In this episode, we discuss the incredible adversity he overcame in his youth, how sharing his challenging story has helped him achieve success, and how his trust in spirituality guides his life journey and gives him hope.


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Show Notes:

-The adversity Ryan faced in his youth

-How spirituality has led him to move beyond challenging moments

-The humanitarian projects he’s working on

-Ryan’s relationship with money

-What parts of himself he’s held onto since childhood

-How he relates to his extended family

-The role insecurity plays in his life

-How showing his flaws has been beneficial to his success

-How spirituality guides his life and work

-His love life...Where dating and/or a girlfriend fall on his list of priorities

-Ryan’s current biggest challenge

-What a winning week looks like for Ryan



Links Mentioned:


-Rock Bottom to Rock Star

-Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain



Question of The Week:

How can I do better today than yesterday?

Episode Quotes

“The rules people give you, are made by people no smarter than you, so break ‘em.”


“Insecurity is a power that can drive you.”


“My skeletons aren’t in the closet anymore, they’re in the bookstore.”


"I do my best - and I compete against myself."


"I think there are a lot of geniuses out there that we are not tapping, and we need to change that."


"Opening up and sharing my thorns and my flaws served me well."