Seth Bunting

Episode 110 - March 28, 2017


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Seth Bunting is a storyteller, filmmaker, and super-connector. He connects, educates, and inspires people around the world as he works to raise the level of human perspective. Join us for a conversation about his personal transformation - a journey centered around showing up for yourself and others, vulnerability, stillness, and embracing the unknown.


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Show Notes:

-What is social alchemy?

-How Seth got in touch with his intuition

-The lessons death can teach us

-The pivotal moments of Seth’s transformation

-Why we need to practice loving ourselves unconditionally

-Seth's journey to partnership

-The cup to court metaphor

-Why fear is not real

-How being present in the moment can change your perspective

-Why making time and space for stillness is important


Links Mentioned:

-Take a journey


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about your love and about what it takes to show up for yourself and others?

Episode Quotes

“Intuition doesn’t come when you’re in your head.”


“Practice looking inside & out every day.”


“Intuition is vitally important, never ignore it.”


“We become unbelievably more efficient when we are present.”


“When there is flow, there is synchronicity, and when there is synchronicity, magic happens.”


“We cannot step into the practice of loving somebody else unconditionally until we have learned to love ourselves unconditionally.”