Susie Carder

Episode 215 - March 26, 2019


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“Your net worth will only go as high as your self-worth.”


Too many people are settling for the hand that life has dealt them. They're either content with the meager results or aren't aware that they can get much more out of life than they currently are.


This was clear to Susie Carder from a young age. She grew up in a household of poverty where there were nine children and hand-me-down underwear was the norm. Seeing herself in a place where she didn't want to be for the rest of her life, she began her journey as a life-long learner to learn the ins and out of business and what it takes to become financially successful.


Flash forward to the present day and Susie is at the top of her game. She's made her clients and herself more money that they call her 'The Profit Coach.' But more importantly, she's developed incredible self-worth that continues to propel her forward and achieve breakthrough after breakthrough.


Want to learn more about how Susie created a massive net worth and even greater self-worth? Then tune into Episode 215 of Are You Being Real?.







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Show Notes:

-Susie's "Am I Being Real?" story.

-Susie's childhood and how it influenced her entrepreneurship.

-The role authenticity plays in Susie's business.

-Susie's best advice to discover and nurture your gifts.

-Why even coaches have a coach.

-What we can expect from her new book "From Bootstrap to Big Time"



Things to Check Out:
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"From Bootstrap to Big Time" by Susie Carder

Episode Quotes

“Get up. Do what you do.”


“The bigger you play, the bigger you fall. The bigger you play, the bigger your breakdowns. If you’re not having breakdowns, you’re not playing big enough.”


“Your net worth will only go as high as your self-worth.”


“Wealth is your birthright.”


“If I want something, I’ve got to go get it.”


“A good coach will tell you what you don’t want to see so that you can be the person that you want to be.”