Suzy Batiz

Episode 213 - March 12, 2019


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By the time Suzy Batiz had reached 38, she had already experienced multiple failures in business and in life and had just gone through her second bankruptcy and was suffering from depression. Shit got real for her. It got so real that when she had the inspiration to develop what we know today as 'Poo-Pourri', she got right to work and went from broke to creating a $600M+ empire and brand.


And she credits it all to 'doing what turns you on.'


Are you being real about how you deal with your ideas, inspiration, and life when shit gets real?


Tune into Episode 213 to hear Suzy and Mark discuss the origins of Poo~Pourri, what Suzy did to overcome her depression and get through her financial struggles, why you should treat your ideas, inspiration, and businesses like a baby, and why it's important to do what turns you on instead of what others expect.







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Show Notes:

-Suzy shares her story of pitching Guess Jeans when she was younger, struggling through bankruptcy, and other life-changing struggles.

-What she thinks about 'riding the wave' instead of courageously doing what turns you on.

-Why she treats her business like a living organism.

-What shifted in her mind when she was inspired to create Poo~Pourri.

-Why she needs space when making big decisions.

-What is her biggest opportunity for growth at the moment?

-What she is most proud of in her life.



Things to Check Out:
Viktor E. Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning"

Episode Quotes

“I’m only going to do what turns me on. Period.”


“Life used to play me. Now I play the game of life.”


“The crazier things are, the more you need to stop and sit.”


“I love reminding people of their genius.”


"Do what turns you on."