Tia Kansara

Episode 81 - September 6, 2016


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Dr. Tia Kansara is a sustainability activist, researcher, and TEDx Speaker. She is all about replenishing ourselves and the environment and making a better future for the whole planet. In this episode, we dive into how we can join together as a humanity and how she got to where she is today.


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Show Notes:

-Why Tia calls airplanes her home

-How she grew up

-What it means to be an ambivert

-The near death experience that Tia had as a kid

-How the Replenish way works

-Why we should have global thinking when talking about the environment

-Being open to new experiences

-Why competition is misunderstood
Links Mentioned:


-Man’s Search for Meaning

-The Tibetan Book of The Dead



Question of The Week:

Realize the space between the dream and reality. Where do you want to be and where are you right now? If your dream is not your reality, question why.

Episode Quotes

"How can we reduce the contradiction, and increase the consistency?"


"My core values are restoration, connection, adventure."


"We can either leave it, or we can do something about it."


"Give back more than you are taking."


"If it’s in your mind, get it out."


"When wisdom and power come together, something truly remarkable can take place."